Quality, competence and reliability are key elements to guarantee the achievement of high standard objectives.

The trasparency of business processes represents a fundamental indicator for the pursuit of excellence. For this reason, Arko carries out its activities according to administrative and production rules that represent the basis of a Ethics’ Code for the proper management of its business.

Furthermore, all company policy is consciously oriented towards Sustainability Environmental, SSafety and Social Responsibility.


We work in partnership with companies that are different in terms of technological specificity and market segmentation, but joined by the goal of offering high-value components for home furnishings.

company profile

ARKO SPA was born in 1997 in Motta di Livenza (Treviso), where it is still locates, from the experience in the furnishing sector of the founding members and in short it establishes itself as one of the most dynamic productive realities of the territory in the production of furniture components in MDF coated with thermoplastic sheet (PVC, PET, ABS).

Today, the company is on the market whether independently or as part of a Group, guaranteeing flexibility and largeness of solutions, so much so that it has become a reliable partner for the most important and qualified operators in the entire furniture sector (kitchens, bathrooms, rooms and office furniture) national and foreign.

In addition to continuous product development and improvement, ARKO S.p.A. has always been attentive to the technological and infrastructural equipment of its factories: this is why it has progressively expanded its structure, renewing its production facilities over time.

The Company operates according to quality principles and it has been certified ISO9001, FSC® and PEFCTM (chain of custody) for several years; it also acts carefully with respect to ecological issues, as well as in compliance with the relevant regulations in force, integrating environmental requirements into its own quality management system.

In this sense ARKO S.p.A. has adopted a virtuous management for the reuse of materials, following the concepts of circular economy: the scrap of MDF wood, after cutting, is crushed and reused into production; instead, the scrap of the thermoplastic coating sheet, after the mould, it is compacted and recycled in the production of pipes for the building sector.

The Company is also sensitive to social issues that affect the community, contributing (through Onlus) to the development of infrastructures in countries most in need.