who we are

Since 1997 Arko makes doors and furniture components in order to improve the comfort and functionality of home environments, from the kitchen to the living area (up to the bathroom and the sleeping area), helping to spread the values of Italian Style.

Today we have reached to the realization of a very wide range of highly personalized finished products, constantly updated according to the main trends of the furniture industry, distinguishing ourselves among market operators for flexibility, reliability and taste.


To achieve results live up to every situation, we are constantly striving to understand and anticipate the needs of a constantly evolving society, looking beyond fashion and aiming at the perfection of details.


We let see first-hand the excellence to every customer throughout all production process, providing high added value services and aesthetically perfect products, taking advantage of the best technologies available on the market and guaranteeing ever higher standards of functionality, ergonomics and durability.


Everyday we put our heart to work responsibly and promote industrial policies based on environmental sustainability and recycling, actions to support the community and enhance human capital.


We make doors, furniture elements in kits and other furnishing components, using different materials and offering a wide variety of finishes and styles.

Particularly developed is the “contract” section which allows the development of ad hoc processes and customized productions, to satisfy every customer’s request and to propose excellent solutions in a short time.


The completeness of the production chain allows to follow at 360 degrees the needs of customers, designers and architects.
Arko offers to the market coated doors produced in the main technologies:

3D - membrane press

2D - post-forming

1D - flat lamination


We work in partnership with companies that are different in terms of technological specificity and market segmentation, but joined by the goal of offering high-value components for home furnishings.