Arko offers a wide range of materials and finishes in order to satisfy any home furnishing demand. Our R&D department follows market trends, developing customized products for various customers and industrializing them. For the realization of doors, we select only reliable suppliers able to guarantee high quality standards.


  • MDF
  • chipboard


  • Recycled-PET
  • PET
  • PVC
  • melamine


  • super-matt
  • high-gloss
  • metallic
  • wood printings

Arko's Products


  • Pressed 3d technology
  • Post-forming door 2d technology
  • Calendered door 1d technology
  • Glass doors with frame
  • Cut & edges doors

component for kit

  • Curved doors
  • Top
  • Cornice and profiles


The completeness of the production chain allows to follow at 360 degrees the needs of customers, designers and architects. Arko offers to the market coated doors produced in the main technologies:

3D - membrane press

2D - post-forming

1D - flat lamination


  • automatic membrane presses for the production of thermoformed doors, with integrated handles, framed doors and curved doors
  • calendering and post-forming lines for the production of slab cut&edged doors or panels
  • cutting and edging machine
  • high definition pantographs for panel preparation
  • automatic packaging line arranged to respond to every need of custom-tailoring

Arko in numbers

25,000 doors/pcs per day produced by membrane press



14,000 linear meter of panels produced in flat-lamination or post-forming


linear meter


Market research

A know-how consolidated over time and the competence of a staff attentive to incorporate all new market trends and to anticipate developments for an excellent service to partners and customers.

Technological development

Constant research of innovative materials and solutions allow us to reach ever higher quality levels at competitive costs and in the time required.

Prototyping product

Custom design development and possibility to carry out laboratory tests and experimental tests following the indications of the individual customers to assess the impact of costs and process times.

Quality check

Constant and deepened checks on each product, through mechanical and chemical tests, to guarantee resistance and durability beyond any doubt.

Industrialization and flexibility

Optimized production flows, automation system, wide versatility and limited time for mass production of large and medium volumes, in 3D - 2D - 1D technologies, to satisfy every market need.

Just in Time

A quick and tested Just-in-Time service, with a wide choice of colors and finishes, allows you to optimize the supply of the products, without weighing on production costs and stocking.

Customization of packaging

Availability of customized packaging and labeling solutions for a service that can be adapted to every need and designed to fit.

Traceability of products

Thanks to a modern and efficient management and labeling system, the status of orders and individual orders can be verified in real time.

Optimum logistics

Upon the request of the customer, it is available a warehouse logistics service and DDP transport.

research & development

Arko si propone al mercato forte della partnership di aziende diverse per missione, specificità tecnologica e segmentazione del mercato, ma unite per conferire carattere all’arredamento della casa. Una squadra competente e completa al servizio delle esigenze del cliente.