Information notice pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679

Dear Customer, in accordance with art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (hereafter “Law”), and in relation to the personal data which the company ARKO SPA shall acquire, we wish to inform you of the following:

1. Purposes of the processing:
Your personal data, freely disclosed and acquired as part of the activities carried out by ARKO SPA, shall be processed for the following purposes:

– quote request and offer processing;
– contract execution;
– mandatory legal and tax compliance requirements;
– litigation management;
– customer billing history.

Your data shall also be processed for the purposes stated by applicable anti-money laundering regulations (Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations).
The data being processed (which may be generic data, identification data, sensitive data or judicial data), are up to date, complete and do not exceed the information required for the purposes listed above, for which they have been collected and subsequently processed.
Other purposes are linked to ordinary administrative, commercial and marketing activities.

2. Processing methods:
The following methods shall be used to process the data in question, maintaining the necessary levels of security and confidentiality: collecting data from the data subject (e.g. filling out a paper form) and/or collecting data over the internet (filling out an online form), processing with the help of electronic and automated tools.

3. Legal basis for processing:
It is strictly necessary to provide generic, sensitive and judicial data in order for the activities stated under point 1 to be carried out.

4. Refusal to provide data:
You have the right to refuse to provide your personal data.
However, should you refuse to provide said data, it will not be possible to provide the service requested, making it impossible to complete the registration process. The Data controller will therefore not be able to fulfil their contractual obligations.

5. Disclosing data to third parties:
Your personal data shall be processed by the Data Controller, the Data Processor appointed by the Controller and the persons in charge of processing who have been strictly authorised to do so.
Your personal data may be disclosed to companies/professional firms that provide the Data Controller with support, consulting or collaboration services for administrative, tax, legal and/or financial matters, to public authorities for them to carry out their institutional duties within the limits provided for by law or by applicable regulations, and to third-party service providers who need to receive said data in order for the services referred to by the contract to be carried out.
Your data may also be disclosed to all inspection authorities appointed to check and control compliance with the law, following any inspections or checks carried out (if requested of us).
Lastly, your data may be disclosed to:
– banks and credit institutions
– consultants and freelancers
– shippers, transporters, owner-operators, post offices, logistics companies

6. Dissemination of data:
Sensitive data shall not be disseminated, unless for purposes that are strictly necessary in order to fulfil the contractual obligation undertaken.

7. Transferring data abroad:
The data collected may/may not be transferred to countries within the European Union and to countries outside of the European Union.

8. Period for which personal data will be stored:
The data collected will be stored for no less than 10 years. This period may be longer in order to comply with a specific legal obligation.

9. Rights of the Data Subject:
You have the right:
– to access your personal data;
– to obtain the rectification or erasure of said data or the restriction of processing regarding said data;
– to object to the processing (with the restrictions referred to by point 3);
– to data portability;
– to withdraw consent;
– to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority).

10. Data Controller and Data Processor:
The Data controller is the company Arko Spa with legal headquarters in Motta di Livenza (TV), via Istria 22, in the person of the Legal Representative Mr. Billotto Antonio. Contact details for the Data controller: e-mail: Tel. +39 (0)422.867801.

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